Console Boardgames


This is the first of a series of simplistic, description-rich boardgames I had to build through basic structures in C++.

The idea was to do something interested that would keep me entertained or at least busy for the 1 week of vacation time I was left without any other means of entertainment while staying over at my parents' for christmas break. Plus, I would be helping a friend or two.

The project is, well… Classic monopoly. An honest-to-god console representation of the game, with overly descriptive and imaginative descriptions of the situations your player encounters. It was one way of keeping me busy.

Code-wise, I’ve used as simple structures as I could. I didn’t make classes, I made structs. I didn’t use arrays of anything or ANY dynamic structure, for that matter, just simple ints and C strings. The reason for all this is that the game was supposed to be recreated in C, so I had to keep the code as portable as I could. I believe that with simple replacements of certain procs and an argument here and there, a coder that can actually understand this whole mess could very well make it work in normal C.

I also experimented with certain concepts and templates which can only prove useful in the long-run.

Scrabble in Java soon to be added here.

LICENSE INFO: You are free to download and distribute the code and .exe file, a link to which you can find below. Be sure to list me as an original author.
You are free to edit and re-use any of the code here, however the prototype of the project has been added to /tg/station13 and placed under Creative Commons, which you are bound to respect and obey.

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